Space Enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Space Update news group!

We will use this list from time to time to send out awesome news from NASA and ESA; new planetary images, hot new discoveries, etc.
We will also be sending out notices of our online planetarium shows. 

Many of these images and news we will be putting into our awesome space software, Space Update.
We will from time to time send out news of new versions of Space Update and other cool software.

If you haven't tried it out, you can download for a free 30-day trial here:  (it runs on Windows machines and Macs up through 10.14 - but not Catalina)

(and if your version is more than a couple of years old, I strongly suggest you download the new version.  If paid and have an existing registration key, it should still work; if it doesn't let me know.)

If after the 30-day trial and you want to keep it, the cost is only $5 for teachers and $9.95 for everyone else here:
   We also have a museum kiosk version.

(As for the marketing info at the bottom... just check "email".  We don't send anything snail mail.  You can unsubscribe or change your email address at any time.  We never sell or share your email address). 
Clear skies! 

...Doctor Pat...
Professor Patricia Reiff, Rice University
CEO Space Update, Inc. and MTPE, Inc.
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